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The Project

From producing and reporting globally-televised news, to leading primetime broadcasts for some of North America's biggest contrarian commentators, Rikki Ratliff has risen to become an elite producer in U.S. news media. In both her personal and professional life, she believes we all have a story to tell, we're just waiting for someone to ask us about it.

Round table was asked to design and develop a website to showcase Rikki's background, experience, and expertise.
In other words, help her tell her own story.

The Execution

Since Rikki Ratliff's professional life is centered around media, we wanted her website to reflect that. Using full-bleed, parallax-scrolling images and timely taglines, we were able to develop a captivating narrative that shed light on her background and rise to "elite producer" status.

We designed the navigation to answer the questions a visitor to the site will likely have--Who is Rikki Ratliff? Who has she worked for?  What has she produced?--with a visually pleasing and enjoyable user experience.




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