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Western Wings Upland Hunts

Brand Architecture • Website • Customer Strategy • Digital Presence • Sensory Design



Western Wings Upland Hunts


Western Wings Upland Hunts offers prime hunting land, experienced guides, and experienced dogs (English Pointers and German Shorthair Pointers).  They know the excitement of dogs getting “birdie” and then suddenly turning to stone “on point.”  And then there is the sound of flushing birds crashing through the cover and you take aim…what an experience! They wanted the Western Wings hunting experience to be something their customers always remember--and want to come back to.


Brand Architecture • Website • Customer Strategy • Digital Presence • Sensory Design

The Challenge

Expand accessibility and overall brand exposure to increase and maximize customer acquisition, while communicating legitimacy in both expertise and in industry know-how.


The Goal

Modernize the digital customer experience.


Logo & Branding


Prior to partnership with Round Table Creative Consulting Firm, Western Wings' main channel for customer acquisition was through word-of-mouth and happenstance. We knew there was untapped potential and sought to revitalize the perception of Western Wings. We created a logo that is both aesthetically pleasing and clearly defined for the scope of services Western Wings offers.




Responsive across every browser and platform allowing for unlimited access from any device. The website incorporates shades of green, outdoor textures, and design accents that give nod to the bird-hunting culture.



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The Voice & Tone

We developed the tone and messaging of the brand to resonate with the target customer.



Print Material


Western Wing's former marketing materials were both dated and clearly from before the Dot Com Boom. We took this opportunity to elevate their brand above the other guys by completely refreshing and modernizing all print materials. We were sure to pay homage and respect to the styling on the website, in order to maintain a consistent and defined brand & identity.