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Brand Architecture • Business Process + Design • Strategic Growth Plan • Promotion Materials • Sensory Design • Vision Casting • Website Design





SpringboardVR transforms the virtual reality experience by providing a fully comprehensive solution for the everyday challenges of the VR Arcade industry. Operating as a SaaS based company, we have been with SpringboardVR every step of the way––from the very start.


Brand Architecture • Business Process & Design • Customer Strategy • Strategic Growth Plan • Promotional Materials • Sensory Design • Vision Casting • Website Design


The Challenge

Within this emerging market and "wild west" VR industry, we were tasked with creating a distinct brand identity & digital presence that not only connected with the target customer (VR Arcades) but also with investors. 


The Goals

Be the leader in the VR Arcade market and a major player in the Virtual Reality industry.

Be the number one resource for all things VR Arcade related.

Create & maintain the most relevant, effective, and reverent digital presence in the VR industry. 


Brand & Identity


We started with the logo. Utilizing the hexagon shape, we crafted the "S" within an abstract immersive shape. During our research and analysis, we noticed that there was a consistent color scheme and theme throughout players within this industry. We chose colors that were complimentary, yet distinguishable. 


Content Marketing


We discovered a severe lack of information and resources for anyone looking to start a VR Arcade or implement VR into their current operation. The answer? Content marketing. We created a comprehensive marketing strategy, with a major focus on quality content and searchability. To do so, we implemented a blog that is the most referenced blog within this industry, and featured as a top writer for the topic of Virtual Reality on Medium.


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The Startup Grind


SpringboardVR, by definition, is a startup––and startups need funding to survive. We were tasked with creating the following for investor related marketing materials:

  • Pitch/Investor Deck
  • Product Deck
  • Feature Deck
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Conference Presentations

The value of these items are insurmountable and 100% pertinent to raising funds, creating stability, and establishing a foundation to quickly becoming a major player in the Virtual Reality industry.


Promotion & Sensory Design


In raising awareness and standing out above the rest of the competition, a major factor is sensory design. Whether for a conference or digital promotion––every impression counts.

Utilizing a clean & modern aesthetic in all promotional materials and signage, we crafted pop-ups, banners, and other print collateral that not only connected with SpringboardVR's digital presence, but also with their their business concept––be an expert & resource for all things VR Arcade related.