Digital Apparel Website


The Project

Digital Apparel has the desire is to provide quality custom shirts at an affordable price for all. They noticed family, friends, and themselves were always needing custom shirts––whether it be for kids sports teams, family or church events, or personalized everyday wear. They quickly realized others shared this need.

They had the idea of starting a company in order to be able to provide these services for themselves, family, friends, and the community. They want to make the customized t-shirt experience, easy, fun, and affordable by providing great quality services and pricing. In order to make this idea a reality, a digital front was needed––which is exactly why Digital Apparel reached out to us.

The Execution

Utilizing the branding that Digital Apparel had created, we designed & developed an e-commerce site that is beyond easy to navigate. With the products and custom services being the main priority for this site, we developed a minimalistic design with a vertical navigation to give the site character.

The website is responsive across all devices, screens, and platforms. This not only allows for ease-of-use for customers, but also enhances the customer experience. 



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