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Preston Construction & Consulting


Whether it's building luxury homes, renovating restaurants nationwide, or building churches, PCC only knows how to build one way––the right way. This conviction for excellence has provided an extremely wide array of construction opportunities for PCC, which in turn provided them knowledge and experience that is second-to-none.


Brand Architecture • Digital Presence • Photography • Video • Promo & Signage


The Challenge

Create a unique brand and identity that draws recognition to the industry, while visually standing out with minimalistic digital design and aesthetic perception.


The Goal

Convey character, craftsmanship, and integrity with the PCC brand, in order to gain the trust of anyone who comes across the PCC brand.




In concepting & crafting the PCC brand, we sought to pay homage to the construction industry with subtle elements and minimalistic design. We did so by using sans-serif fonts and a nice contrast of sharp edges and round corners. The result demonstrates a visually-pleasing blend of hexagonal shapes and circles, while still communicating the letters "PCC."




The PCC website was designed to maximize reachability & accessibility; as well as provide potential and current customers an avenue to view PCC's portfolio. Utilizing the distinct brand & identity, we were able to create a digital space that accurately portrays PCC's capabilities and pass work in a clear, aesthetically-pleasing way.



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Photography & Video



We shot new photography to showcase PCC's industry-competency and quality of work. It was important that we not only captured the complete build, but also the small details that truly set PCC apart from the competition.


In designing the website, we knew there was a great opportunity to showcase video testimonials. Video testimonials not only serve as a "client review," but also as a factor in marketing. A video testimonial gives a "first-hand" account of PCC's work, which can be the deciding factor for a potential client.


Promo & Signage


We've enjoyed the opportunity to create all of PCC's promotional & marketing materials. From business cards, to conference handouts, to large format signage, we've kept PCC's brand & identity consistent and a cut-above.