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Harmony Nutraceuticals

Brand Architecture • Strategic Growth Plan • Customer Strategy • Website • Packaging Design • Digital Presence • Sensory Design



Harmony Nutraceuticals


Harmony Nutraceuticals has a pure passion for healing, bringing the best supplements the world can offer, and making them affordable for as many people as possible. They believe in giving back to society, honoring communities, supporting charities and social causes.


Brand Architecture • Strategic Growth Plan • Customer Strategy • Website • Packaging Design • Digital Presence • Sensory Design


The Challenge

Craft a nutraceutical brand that truly stands out in a saturated market, while clearly communicating the unique value in a modern, aesthetically-appealing way.


The Goal

Create a digital presence that both communicated the intrinsic value of the products, while saliently setting apart Harmony from the competition in order to move product.


Identity of Harmony


"Nurtured by Nature, Made with Love."

This was the notion and cornerstone upon which the Harmony Nutraceuticals' brand was established.




The website was designed & developed using cool tones to give homage back to the name "Harmony." We created the website to be a marriage of information, education, commerce, and promotion.



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Nurtured by Nature, Made with Love





We created and utilized infographics and informative visuals to accompany & reinforce the information displayed on the website. With a seamless UI/UX design the site is easy to navigate and understand––even for someone not familiar with the ayurveda and the associated subjects when promoting nutraceuticals and supplements.


Packaging Design


During research and analysis of the nutraceutical landscape, we noticed a very distinct trend––product packaging was both bland and visually overwhelming. We saw this as a great opportunity to create an unfair advantage for Harmony Nutraceuticals. Through modern and simplistic design, utilizing color blocks and a tasteful amount of negative space, we created a product line that stands out in this saturated market. 


Digital Presence


Most nutraceutical brands lack an online presence. And the ones that do possess an online presence promote content that is more often than not, lackluster. We took this as an opportunity to create content that is both educational and has a personal, relational touch. Through social media graphics and promotional campaigns, we created imagery that connects and educates consumers.


Sensory Design


Dr. Gumman, founder & president of Harmony Nutraceuticals, is well-known in the ayurvedic and nutraceutical industry. Commonly requested as a keynote speaker at ayurvedic and wholistic healing conferences, we set out to supplement his presence and renowned reputation with bold and attention-grabbing signage. That being said, attendees at these conferences have no trouble spotting the Harmony booth.